Jessie + Scott: Anniversary

Scott & Jessie emanate an artistic aura & display enthusiasm over any new opportunity they can experience together.  I felt at ease working with this eclectic young couple whose style & openness encouraged my own creativity.  With a curiosity to explore their hearts, I produced this story of images.

These photographs were captured using the digital Canon Mark III, the Mamiya M645, and the 35 mm Asahi Pentax K1000.  We used  a technique of slightly over exposing the film to produce a soft and beautiful focus with creamy skin tones.  The film used was Fuji Film Color Pro 400, and Kodak Pro Portra 400.

All hats used in this photoshoot are courtesy of Goorin Bros. Hat Shop 

Lizzie: shot with medium format film

These photos were taken about a year ago of my good friends' daughter Lizzie.  I was searching through my car's glovebox today when I rediscovered them, and realized how special they are.  These images were captured using a vintage medium format camera called a Kiev, a Russian reproduction of the famous Hasselblad.  The Kiev is jokingly referred to as the "Hasselbladsky", because some features of this camera are unreliable.  Such as the way in which the film advances.  However, I believe this malfunction produced quite stunning images in which one frame blends into the next revealing the fun and adorable spirit of this child. 

Mathilde + Nicholas

I love any opportunity to shoot in new places so when I met this lovely couple Nicholas and Mathilde from Denmark while traveling in Sri Lanka I had to take the opportunity to shoot an anniversary session of the two.  I met this charming couple While staying in a romantic beach bungalow with it's own private beach front in Dickwella.  That evening the few guests that were staying at the residence were invited to a traditional Sri Lankan family style dinner.  It was a unique experience where in an an intimate setting three Americans, a family from Australia, and a couple from Denmark spent time eating, drinking, and discussing the places that we are from.  Mathilde & Nicholas shared with us their love story, " We actually met at a wedding two years ago between my brother and Nicholas' friend, the bride.  We sat at the same table, and at the time it did not occur to me that he had been flirting.  So I was pleasantly taken by surprise when he contacted me afterwards.  He later admitted to me that he was 'mesmerized' by my beauty, Nicholas is a true romantic in that way."  It's not hard to imagine when attending a wedding where there is already so much love in the air that sparks can fly!